Trivia Quiz: Pop Fly

Section One: "Casey at the Bat"

1. What was the score when “Mighty Casey” came to bat? For what team did he play? (One point each)

2. Who was on base when Casey came to bat? (One point each)

3. Who had made outs? (One point each)

4. Who wrote "Casey at the Bat" and in what year was it written? (One point each)

Section Two: "Shot Heard 'Round the World"

5. Who made the only out of the inning when Bobby Thompson hit his “Shot heard ‘round the World” to claim the 1951 NL Pennant? (One point)

6. Who was on base for the home run? _________ ________ Who was on deck?__________ (One point each)

7. What was the final score of that 1951 Giants Dodger game? (One point)

Section Three: Baseball Minutiae

8. “Take me out to the ball game?” was written in 1908 by whom? (One point)

9.. What inspired the ritual of the 7th inning stretch ritual in 1910? (One point)

10. Who was the first President to throw out the first pitch for Opening Day? (One point)

11. The Astros became the 5th team in history, to have two players, Linstrom and Lyon with 20 saves each. Name the 2 pitchers for the other 4 teams. (One point for each correct answer; 8 possible points)

1983 Giants _____________ ____________
1986 Mets _______________ ______________
1991 Blue Jays __________ ____________
1992 Reds _______________ _______________

12. Roy Halladay of the Phillies threw his second no hitter of the season in the playoff opener against the Reds. Only 4 other pitchers in baseball history have thrown 2 no hitters in one season. (One point for each correct answer; 4 points possible) :

1938 Reds _________
1951 Yankees __________
1952 Tigers________
1973 Angels______

13. Jim Thome ended the 2010 season with 25 home runs in 108 games for a career total of 589, 8th on the all time list of leaders. It was his 14th season with 25 or more homeruns in a season. Only 5 players in history have had more…. 2 with 18 seasons of 25 or more and 3 with 15. Name the 5. (One point each)

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