October 19, 2015

The October 19 SABR meeting in Houston featured a fine crowd of 34 members and friends who heard from variety of speakers thanks to Jim Kreuz  Highlights of the meeting were:

The announcement that Peggy Dorrill had come closest to forecasting the number of wins the Astros would have in 2015. She projected 85 wins for the team that won 86. Upon further review Dick Bily also predicted the same number. Sorry about that Dick.

Tal Smith spoke in detail about trades he had been involved with when GM of the Astros; some good and some not so good. Tal always had a purpose for each trade he made and his overriding intent was to fulfill a club need; although a time or two he was asked by ownership to shrink payroll. His 3 "P's " were Prepare, Persevere and be Patient. 

Dick Bily spoke warmly about his relationship with broadcaster Ernie Harwell who was a neighbor is Florida. He also spoke of his friendship with Ted Williams and George Steinbrenner.

Ira Liebman reviewed the year of the Sugar Land Skeeters and the innovative ideas they used during broadcasts and telecasts when they miked players, umpires and managers while games were in progress.    

Marsha reported on the health of "Red" Mahoney and Dick Bily told us about having dinner prior to the meeting with fellow SABR member Monte Irvin.

Tom White's trivia contest based on the life of Yogi Berra was won by Greg Lucas.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, November 16th at the Spaghetti Western.

Bob Dorrill



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