Research Activity:

1) Newsfile microfilm readers at the downtown library;
(2) Photo searchers at the library and any other discoverable source;
(3) Recorded interviews with historical sources;
(4) Data recovery from private sources and collections, if found to exist;
(5) Research of legal documents on file that will help uncover sites & dates for historical baseball buildings;
(6) Search for anything that helps shed light on Houston Baseball, The First 100 Years: 1861-1961.

Special Topics of Interest:

(1) Exact Site on Market Square where the original Houston Base Ball Club was formed in April 1861;
(2) More info on the original 1861 founders (We have several names);
(3) News file references to amateur play (1867-1887);
(4) Greater data on Houston's first professional team in 1888; confirm or negate the names of Babies, Red Stockings,
or any others as nicknames in those first years, and by year: 1888-1900;
(5) Site of the original "Houston Base Ball Park," where Houston played its first local professional game somewhere
downtown on March 6, 1888 against the Cincinnati Red Stockings;
(6) Exact date and site (when and where) West End Park started (my findings vary from 1905 to 1907);
(7) Was West End Park built on a site that was separate from the original park from 1888?
(8) More info on how Mr. Kirby of Kirby Lumber Co. and now "Kirby Drive" legacy saved pro baseball in Houston about 1895;
(9) The Buffs and their Early Years: 1905-1927; Tris Speaker stars in 1907;
(10) How the Cardinals took over the Buffs;
((11) History of the Houston Monarchs and Black Buffs of local Negro League play; Houston Eagles (1949-1950);
(12) Buff Stadium Opens (1928);
(13) The Dizzy Dean Years (1930-1931);
(14) Fred Ankenman, Buffs Business Manager-President (1920-1942);
(15) Allen Russell, Buffs President (1946-1952);
(16) Fading Cardinal Glory Years (1953-1958); Bob Boyd breaks color line (1954);
(17) Cubs Farm Team Years (1959-1961);
(18) How the Buffs identity & Buff Stadium got lost to Judge Hofheinz's Colt .45s and his temporary Colt Stadium.
(19) Significant Persons & Accomplishments : Buff Hall of Famers; Stars; Championships; Community Leaders & Broadcasting Landmarks. 713.927.1976 2437 Bay Area Blvd.,#271, Houston, TX 77058
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