Frankie Robbins For Congress 2008
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Meet Frankie

Frankie Robbins has strong ties to Oklahoma and the land. His grandfather made the land run in 1893. Robbins was born and raised in rural Grant County near Medford.

He has a lifetime of experiences that will serve him well in bridging our nation's divide and bringing the country together.

Growing up on a farm instilled in Robbins a strong work ethic at an early age. "We had a wood stove for heat until I was about 12," says Robbins. "In the first grade I would come home from school and chop wood every evening.

"Summers were long days working in the fields, putting up hay, and repairing old equipment that seemed to break down every day. Fortunately my dad was a religious man and believed in a “day of rest” on Sunday."

The Robbins family attended Wakita First Baptist Church. That is where the foundation was laid for his strong faith and Christian values. Today, Robbins attends the Medford United Methodist Church and is a member of the church choir.

Robbins attended Medford Public Schools and then Oklahoma State University. "Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, the heartland of America, was special to me," Robbins says. "I’m thankful there was a student loan program that enabled me to borrow money to pay for college. Education was the key that opened a world of opportunities for me."

Working in the USDA Forest Service allowed Robbins to stay connected to the land he loved from his youth and to gain an even deeper appreciation and understanding of the moral obligation we have to this planet on which we live. Robbins believes that we can be good stewards of the land while still meeting our energy independence goals head on.

"I know from my work experience with the Forest Service that by using the latest technology and best operating practices we can develop oil and gas on federal lands and off-shore in an environmentally sound way," Robbins says. "I have worked with oil and gas companies accessing federal mineral leases on National Forest land and successful, producing wells were developed and linked to a gas pipe line with minimal environmental impact.

"Do not doubt however, my strong stewardship ethic and interest in protecting our Nation’s Wilderness, National Parks, and National Forests," Robbins adds.

Robbins says his most rewarding experience in life was raising his two sons. As a single parent for much of his children's lives, Robbins is proud of their accomplishments and contributions as grown men. Robbins also has a five-year-old granddaughter that he loves and adores.