A healthier future for all Oklahomans
Gov. Henry is committed to turning around national health rankings that place Oklahoma in the lower tier of states when it comes to physical activity and health insurance coverage. The governor will build on Insure Oklahoma, his program that helps small businesses purchase health insurance for their employees. The program is currently limited to companies of 50 workers or less, but in his second term, Gov. Henry hopes to expand Insure Oklahoma to make all businesses eligible. The expansion will reduce Oklahoma's uninsured population and help businesses contain one of their fastest growing costs. Gov. Henry also plans to expand his Strong and Healthy Oklahoma initiative that promotes healthier lifestyles for state citizens and will continue his efforts to lower prescription drug costs by allowing Oklahoma pharmacies to reimport less expensive, US-manufactured medicines from Canada and other industrialized countries.
A leader in the national and global economies
Better resources and reform for better schools
Getting tough and smart on crime
A transportation system second to none
A fiscally responsible and responsive state government