Safer streets, safer families
To protect families and make Oklahoma a safer place to live, Gov. Henry has pushed an innovative public safety agenda that has earned national accolades and produced positive results.

In 2004, the governor approved a law that would soon become a national model in the war in methamphetamine. By restricting over-the-counter sales of a key meth ingredient, pseudoephdrine, Gov. Henry helped shut down clandestine meth labs across the state. Because of its high success rate, dozens of other states and the federal government copied Oklahoma’s law, which was also won praise from the US drug czar.

Gov. Henry is taking an innovative approach toward Internet predators as well. Recognizing that the worldwide web has become a popular tool of sex offenders and pedophiles, the governor established SafeNet, a special unit in the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation that combats online predators. Safenet is designed to ensnare sexual predators who are trolling the Internet for Oklahoma children.

The governor is also working to protect the state’s youngest citizens from abuse and neglect. Gov. Henry signed new anti-child abuse legislation in 2006 and helped fund additional abuse investigators to go after offenders.