Making high-quality health care more accessible and affordable
To make life better for Oklahoma families, Gov. Henry made health care a top priority when he entered office in 2003.

Citing national statistics that rank Oklahoma poorly on its rate of insured citizens, Gov. Henry took innovative action to provide coverage to working Oklahomans. He conceived and implemented Insure Oklahoma, a program that helps small businesses provide health insurance to their employees. The initiative is not only helping families get the health care they need, but is also reducing one of the fastest-rising costs of business owners.

To help improve the overall physical fitness of Oklahoma, Gov. Henry has spearheaded efforts to raise the tobacco tax and change the health attitudes of Oklahomans.

Approved by voters in 2004, the new tobacco levy is helping an estimated 30,000 Oklahomans kick the habit and funding enhanced trauma care, a world-class cancer research center, rural telemedicine and the Insure Oklahoma program.

The governor’s Strong and Health Oklahoma initiative is encouraging citizens to lead healthier lives by promoting better eating and physical fitness habits. Gov. Henry also helped enact a new ban on smoking in public places, including restaurants.

Gov. Henry has also attacked the challenge of skyrocketing prescription drug prices. The governor continues to push reimportation of US-manufactured medicines from Canada to help cut costs. He is also implementing a new Smart Card program that helps Oklahomans take advantage of existing drug discounts.