Building a better, more accountable public education system
With an eye on the future, Gov. Henry has worked to build the best possible public schools and universities to serve Oklahoma families.

He’s delivered more resources to classrooms and college campuses in addition to embarking on a four-year effort to raise teacher pay to the regional average.

Knowing that money alone won’t improve schools, the governor also pushed through the Achieving Classroom Excellence initiative (ACE) to help raise student performance and better prepare young Oklahomans for life after high school.

Gov. Henry is also working to increase opportunities for high school graduates, fully funding the OHLAP scholarship program for college and career technology educations.

For the state’s youngest citizens, the governor has helped improve access to early childhood education, helping the state win national recognition as one of the best programs in the country. Gov. Henry also provided funding for full-day kindergarten in every Oklahoma community, giving parents the option to enroll them in a full- or half-day program.